Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have my records transferred to you if I am a new patient?

It is not mandatory, but it can be helpful. Please ask your previous office to e-mail your x-rays especially if they were taken in the past 12 months. Also please ask to have transferred any full mouth series or panoramic x-ray from the last 5 years. Our e-mail is [email protected] .

Do you take my insurance?

First, let us say that accepting dental insurance plans is not the same as being contracted with a particular insurance company.
While we are currently only contracted with one plan (Cigna PPO), we accept almost all insurance plans. In fact, most of our patients have insurances with whom we are not contracted, and these insurances still provide out-of-network benefits, in many cases similar to those that are in-network. This depends on the plan selected by your employer.
Most insurances, regardless of in or out-of-network status, allow assignment of benefits. This means that we can bill the insurance directly on your behalf. A few do not allow this. In these cases, we will collect the full fee at the time of service and the insurance company will reimburse you. Again, this depends on the plan selected by your employer.

Do you submit claims to my insurance first and then bill me if they leave me with anything to pay?

No. All portions not covered by insurance are collected in full at time of service. If your insurance company leaves you with more out of pocket than what we collected at time of service, we will then send a statement to you for the difference.

What happens if my insurance sends their check for payment of services rendered to me?

If your insurance sends the check to you (and not to us), we will collect our fees in full at time of service. For most plans we will submit your insurance claim for you if we are allowed to do so.

Do you offer payment plans?

In general, we collect at the time of service for any amounts not covered by insurance. We do accept Care Credit, which is a credit card that can be used for healthcare expenses, sometimes with no interest. You can apply for this through our office. The option our office offers allows for the first 6 months to be interest-free for charges $200 and over.

Do you accept Medicaid?

No. Our office is not a Medicaid provider, and as such, Medicaid benefits cannot be used at our office.

Do you accept Medicare?

Our office is not enrolled as a Medicare provider.

Does your office file claims to Medicare dental plans?

No. We cannot bill Medicare directly and as such, we will collect the full fee at the time of service. However, depending on your plan, we can provide you with an itemized receipt, which you can then submit to your plan to reimburse you.